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I Could Not Take It Anymore

I sit.  Alot.  Too much.

This week especially.  In shows, during coupon tutoring [1], watching television, in church and while in conversation with friends.

So adding 6 – 10 hours a day sitting at my desk was just too much.

I could literally feel my rear end spreading out in spite of my time at the gym.  There are not enough squats in the world to undo it.

Additionally more and more bloggers have been sending me articles about the dangers of sitting so many hours a day [2]– even if you do work out on a regular basis.

So today I decided I was going to do it- jerry-rig my desk and turn it into a standing desk.


I didn’t want to spend any money so for right now I just used items I have around my house (doesn’t the paper box just look so professional?!).  If this turns out to be a good solution I might come up with something a little less tacky looking!

Do any of you have a standing desk or just feel like you are going nuts at your desk?