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How To Save Money on Meat- Zaycon Foods

One of the big questions I often get asked is how to save money on meat.  There are coupons for it but it’s something people usually need to buy every week.  And for those of you with teenagers keeping meat in the house can be a big challenge.

Enter Zaycon Foods [1].  I had the opportunity to try some of Zaycon’s chicken last week and it was so good!  Their chicken is 100% natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.  And they sell at fantastic prices- usually between $1.49 and $1.69 a pound for the good stuff.

The reason they can afford to do that- they deliver in 40 lb packages.  Now before you say “what on earth can I do with 40 lbs of chicken” let me show you how small the box is that 40 pounds of chicken comes in.


If you have a freezer you can fit this.  It was about 45 chicken breasts- at three in a normal freezer bag that is only 15 bags.  I put some in a deep freezer and some in my regular freezer.  They are split breasts so I thought they would be a pain to get ready to freeze- but my meat scissors took care of it.  They are already skinless so I just split them and chopped off the little bit of fat.


The picture above is two of the chicken breasts after I trimmed them up- they are about half the size of a kitchen plate when they are raw.  Then I dropped three of them in a bag, wrote the date on the outside and froze them.


If you looked at Zaycon’s map on their site [1] you will see there are many areas in the country where they do not yet sell their products.  Here is the deal- once they get a certain number of people signed up in an area they will begin preparing to deliver their products once a quarter.  This doesn’t mean everyone has to buy every time they come to town.

Did I mention that when you buy the chicken you pull in, pop the trunk, they drop the chicken into your vehicle in a sealed bag and you drive off?  It’s like drive thru chicken.

So if you are interested in learning more about Zaycon Foods check out their site [1].  Once you see how awesome it is register [1]!  There is no obligation and you don’t have to give them your credit card information.