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How To Save at Bath and Body Works


I try very hard not to get sucked into the smells, sights and sounds when I walk into a store.    I know how stores try to create the PERFECT shopping environment and I am determined to be strong and not cave.

This resolve completely disappears when I walk into a Bath and Body Works [2].

The stores are so pretty and they smell yummy without being overwhelming (a la Yankee Candle).  There are red SALE signs everywhere and yet I rarely just stumble across fantastic deals.  There is a science to snagging a truly good deal at Bath and Body Works [2]!

Here are my tips:

1.  Share Your E-mail: Every time I check out at Bath and Body Works they ask me for my e-mail address and I ALWAYS give it to them (you can give them your couponing e-mail address).  You WILL get an e-mail from them every single day (be warned) but they also send out great coupons!

2.  Facebook: There are only a few companies that I recommend you permanently “like” on Facebook but Bath and Body works is one of them [3].  Whenever they release a new scent they generally put a coupon for a small free item on their wall.  They also warn you about sales like their semi-annual through social media!

3.  Take the Surveys:  Most of the time when you shop at Bath and Body Works you will get a survey offer on the bottom of your receipt- even when you only make a small purchase.  Once you call (or go online) and complete the survey they will give you a coupon code.  Generally it is $10 off of $30.

4.  Semi-Annual Sale: This is the easiest and best way to save at Bath and Body Works.  These sales happen in January and June, both on-line and in-store.  If you go on the first day you will find bins full of items up to 75% off.  Usually the steepest discounts sell out on the first day but the sale will last about a week.  The further into the week you get the greater those discounts will be- sometimes up to 90%.  Of course you can still use coupons in combination with these sales!

5.  Join The Mailing List: On the bottom of the Bath and Body Works website [2] you can sign up for their newsletter.  This will also get you coupons for free products and those $10 off of $30 coupons!

6.  VIP Bags: A few times a year Bath and Body Works will offer VIP bags at a discount (usually they have over $100 worth of merchandise and cost around $20).  Generally these require you to spend a certain amount in the store so be sure to have coupons for the original purchase.  There is ALWAYS one of these on Black Friday!

If you like the smelly stuff but not the ridiculous prices these tips can help you save big at the store!

Want to check out the deals now?  Look below to find all the current coupon codes!

Deals courtesy of Savings.com [4] an online coupon code resource.