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How To Make A Rag Wreath

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Rag Wreath Tutorial

I have stated many times before on this website, I am not an crafty person.  My art is in the form of music or acting but NOT cute things for around the house.

I really wanted to make a wreath for my front door so I scoured the web looking for easy tutorials.  After a thorough examination I combined information from about 5 sites and came up with my own plan.  My finished product is in the picture above!

This was super easy for us craft challenged people!

How To Make a Rag Wreath [2]

This is Bella guarding the material for me!

Step One: I went to the fabric store and looked through the Halloween fabric that was on sale.  Purple is my favorite color and I was pleased to find that there was a great deal of Halloween material with that color.  I got 2 yards of three different materials (total of 6 yards).  In hindsight 1.5 yards of each material would have been plenty.


Step Two: I got a wreath ring.  You could absolutely just use a wire coat hanger stretched into a circle but I wanted the wreath to be very full.  They did not have this at my fabric store so I had to go to Michael’s.  I also got the “Boo” decoration at Michael’s. Did you know with Michaels you can shop online and have it shipped to your local store FREE? [4]  Check item number M10174333 [4]– that is the one I used.

How To Make A Rag Wreath [5]

Step Three: This was the longest part.  You  have to cut the material into strips.  I found numerous websites suggesting different lengths and widths.  After testing some I made the strips one (1) inch wide and eight (8) inches long.  I used a black sharpie to mark the material and then cut it.


Step Four: Once you have a healthy amount of strips cut, you just tie them around the wire.  I tied each of mine twice so they wouldn’t fall off.  Then make sure the material is all sticking the same direction.  It’s hard to get a good picture but the back should look sort of like a knitted blanket- everything tightly together.  Then the extra material is sticking out toward the front.  This way the wreath is as full as it can get.

Step Five: Do this all the way around the wreath.  I pretty much did this project while watching television.  Other than being sure I didn’t cut myself the level of concentration was pretty minimal.


Step Six: Add your “flair.”  I decided to go simple and hang the “Boo” sign in the middle but you could do almost anything.  Some people attached lettering to the actual wreath.  Some added plastic spiders or bats.  Anything goes!  Spend some time browsing online at Michaels [4]and have what you want shipped to the store!

And you are done!  Mine is hanging on my front door and probably will be until I trade it out for my holiday wreath!


Thanks to Crystal from Crystalliora.com [9] for the beautiful pictures!

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