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How to Make a Pillowcase Dress

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DIY Pillowcase Dress


If you have been thinking about trying a sewing project this one couldn’t get much simpler or be cuter!

Just follow these directions on How To Make a Pillowcase Dress!

Warm weather is just around the  corner and this sweet pillowcase dress would look darling on any little girl in your life (or a baby doll in your life).  Once it is too short for a dress it makes an adorable long top over leggings, blue jeans, or slacks.

No pattern is required, and it is a frugal- it only needs a small piece of inexpensive fabric and a piece of ribbon.

I made it so easy that you don’t even have to cut armholes!

Pick up a pretty piece of fabric at your local craft store (1/2 to 1 yard) and get started!


Fabric ½ yard to 1 yard of fabric

1 yard of 1” ribbon


sewing machine (or you can do by hand)


ironing board

a safety pin

scissors or rotary cutting tool

how to make a pillowcase dress


Begin by cutting your fabric in half, matching edges all the way around.

Here are some basic measurements for  cutting your fabric:

    Size Width Length Finished
6-12 mo. 16” 19” 16”
18-24 mo. 18” 22” 19”
2t 22” 24” 21”
3t 22” 25” 22”
4t 22” 26” 23”
5 22” 28” 25”
6 22” 30” 27”

I don’t like to mess with pins when sewing so the simplest way to prepare your seams for sewing  is to fold the fabric on the sides inward 1/2” and press flat with an iron. Fold the bottom up at 1” and iron flat. To prepare the top of your dress for running the ribbon through- fold a 2” seam over and iron.  Repeat this with both pieces of your fabric.

how to make a pillowcase dress [3]

Using the zig-zag or straight stitch on your sewing machine (or you can sew by hand) sew up the side seams on each piece of fabric just inside the edge of fabric where you folded it over.  Then sew across the dress’s bottom and across the top.  Repeat with your second square of fabric.

pillowcase dress [4]

Now place your fabric pieces together inside out- right side of fabric to right side. Sew from the bottom up 1/4” in from edge stopping at 5” from the top for 6-12 months and 18-24 months.  Stop at 6” for all larger sizes.

pillowcase dress [5]

Turn your dress right side out.  Place a safety pin on the end of your ribbon and feed it through one end of your top seam, run the ribbon out the opposite end and through the other side, adjust ribbon so it is evenly distributed on both sides.  Remove safety pin and tie a bow on one side.

pillowcase dress [6]

Press your dress with iron all over, it is now ready to wear!

how to make a pillowcase dress [7]