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How To Actually GET Lightning Deals on Amazon

There are a TON of Amazon Lightning Deals every day.  Be sure to check them out [1]!

If you are on A Frugal Chick’s Facebook page [2]you have noticed the insane amount of Amazon Lightning Deals I have been posting.

They are launched as often as every 10 minutes and I always try to let you know about 10 minutes ahead about the best ones.  Or if I REALLY know about them ahead of time I will do posts like this one [3].

These deals often sell out in as a little as two or three minutes (some even less) so if there is a hot toy you want it can be tricky trying to get it!

Step One: Check out the Lightning Deal Page [1].  There are TONS of deals every day from the early morning to late at night.  Please notice the times are in PST- that requires some thinking on my part since I live in EST.

Step Two:  Look ahead and see if there is anything you want to buy.  Make a note for yourself so you don’t forget the time!

Step Three:  A few minutes before the deal becomes available go back to the Lightning Deal Page [1] and watch.  As SOON as the item becomes available click on “add to cart.”    This DOES NOT mean purchase– it just means add.  Once it is in your cart you have 15 minutes to decide.

If you want to try it stick the item in your cart a few minutes before the sale starts.  Once it does look in the upper right hand corner and see if the lightning discount shows up.  IT WILL NOT SHOW UP UNDER THE ITEMS INDIVIDUAL TOTAL IN YOUR CART.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Step Four: If you miss it jump on the waitlist!  People add items to their cart immediately so the item appears to sell out in seconds. If they decide they don’t want it, the item becomes available again. The ones on the “Wait List” will have first dibs on the item.

I hope this gives you guys some strategy to help with the upcoming deals!