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How I Prepare For Super Double Coupons

I was going to title this “How To Prepare for Super Double Coupons” but the bottom line is that there is no one right way to do your shopping. 

But in case you are still trying to figure out your way, I thought I would tell you about my way [1]

Step 1: I go through all of my coupons and pull out everything that is between $1 and $1.98.  I don’t cut every coupon out of the paper so it’s not too many.

Step 2: I check Coupons.com [2], Red Plum [3], Target [4] and Smart Source [5] for any additional manufacturer’s coupons and print them (remember you only need to print in black and white).

Step 3: After all the coupons are in a pile I go to Harris Teeter’s website [6] and click where it says Home Shopping.

Step 4: From there I begin in the top of my pile and find each item’s price by searching the on-line inventory of the nearest store.  If the doubled coupon is going to be a good deal I will put it in it’s own pile to take with me.  If the item is still really expensive even with the coupon doubled it goes back in my coupon box.

Step 5: Once I have checked all of them, I put the 25 or so best coupons in a white envelope.  Then I write the items on the outside of the envelope so that when I go to the store I have a list in front of me of what I need to check and how much the coupon is worth.

Step 6: I schedule a time to go to Harris Teeter.  Remember that coupons begin doubling at 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  Harris Teeter will only double 20 coupons a day, but I bring a few extra with me just in case.  For a complete list of the rules, click here [7].   

All combined this shouldn’t take more than an hour- it usually takes me about 30 minutes.  Once it’s completed you are all ready for Super Doubles!