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How Do You Feel About Beards?

Today while out to a miraculous lunch with no lap top (I was reading though) I ran into a friend I now only see periodically.

We used to attend church together so for several years he was an active part of my life.  Now I see him every so often at races around town or when our mutual friends have get-togethers.  I was surprised to see my normally clean shaved friend with a thick beard.


While we were talking I kept thinking “it’s a really great beard but I just am not crazy about facial hair.”

As if he could hear my thoughts he mentioned that the beard has elicited VERY clear reactions from the women he comes in contact with- they seem to either love or hate it. Women who generally just passed him in the hallway had been making eye contact and others had a clear distaste.  It has actually caused some very funny moments with people in his office.



He, of course, asked what I thought and I was honest- I told him I wasn’t crazy about facial hair.

But I was thinking about it on the way home- almost every woman I know has a strong opinion about the subject- they either love or hate facial hair.


Some like the goatee, some the mustache and some a nice full beard.


Some like the 5 o’clock shadow.

What are your thoughts, thumbs up or thumbs down?  Do you have a very clear opinion of what you like?