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HOT: 48 Hour Coach Sale Up To 70% Off

I have to admit- I don’t even own a purse.  When I need to go nice places I have to borrow one and it just feels weird.

But from looking around town I would say most women have atleast one and almost everyone would not mind having a Coach bag.

Ebay Fashion [1] is having a Crazy Coach sale today beginning at noon EST.

Here is how to participate:

1.  Sign up for Ebay Fashion [1].  It’s free and just give them your couponing e-mail address.

2.  One you sign up make sure you are on the waiting list [2].

3.  Start shopping.

There are a few rules:

There is also free shipping on orders over $125!

Let me know how the selection is- I couldn’t pick a good purse if my life depended on it!

Thanks My Litter [3]!