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Home Carpeting Made Easy

Home carpeting made easy

There’s nothing like wall-to-wall carpeting for the coziest comfort in the autumn and winter. It reminds you that the small day-to-day luxuries are the most important every time you put your feet down on that soft pile when you get out of bed each morning.

Comfort is a high priority when selecting a carpet but so is expressing your individuality. Do you go dark or light? Bright or neutral? Rich or pastel?

The choice is yours and will depend on the room size and other interior design aspects. Luckily, the Concord Berber Carpet Collection [1] offers a delightful selection of colours to choose from.

Colour palette

Just the names of the Concord Berber Collection make your design taste buds water. How do mocha, cream and anthracite sound to you for starters?

One of the chief features of the collection is the carpets are each composed of two shades of one colour and so tightly woven that the effect is one, gentle uniform hue. However, the subtle combination of two shades expands the options for mixing and matching in colour schemes. A dark curtain or blind will go with the carpet just as well as one of a lighter colour.

Which room?

Choosing a colour scheme depends on each room. Generally, you can be as indulgent as you like in your bedroom as this is your sanctuary where you recharge.

Rooms and areas with high traffic, like the lounge or hallway, are usually better-suited to darker colours as the wear and tear they naturally endure is not so visible then. There is a misconception that the bathroom is not suitable for a carpet but there are plenty of great options if you know what you’re looking for.

The Concord Berber Carpet Collection [1] is durable enough to withstand the bathroom environment and during the winter it is a welcome floor covering for extra warmth and comfort. Of course, all of the above are nothing more than guidelines. If you fancy carpeting your entire home in ivory then the collection can happily oblige!

Carpet care

The way the carpets in the collection are composed enables straightforward care. One reason for this is that the special design of the pile prevents spillages from seeping too deep into the carpet, thus helping to prevent stains.