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Holiday Website #5- Groupon

So this is the last of my series on websites I use during the holidays to save big!  Here is a re-cap (click on each and it will take you the post I wrote):

Holiday Website #1: Etsy.com [1]

Holiday Website#2: Retailmenot.com [2]

Holiday Website #3: Ebates [3]

Holiday Website #4: Paperback Swap [4]

My fifth useful holiday website is Groupon.com [5]

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that every weekday I post the Groupon [5] deals of the day.  There are two different types of deals you can take advantage of:

1- Deals in your town.  Groupon is rapidly expanding so there is a good chance there are Groupon deals where you live.  All you need to do is go to the website [5] and click where it says “Visit More Cities.”  This will pull up a list of the towns where Groupon is available.  Just click on the one nearest you to pull up the daily deal.

2- Deals that can be used on-line.  This is becoming more and more popular.  Every day there are companies who function exclusively on-line that sell Groupons.  So let’s say you want to send your boss wine for the holidays.  Most days, some city somewhere has a Groupon [5] for a great deal with a wine website.  So if the deal is in Cincinatti and you live in Houston, you can still take advantage because you are just going to order the wine on-line anyway!

Why is it called Groupon [5]?   Because in order for the deal to happen (and you to receive your coupon) a certain number of people need to purchase it.  If you look at any deal on the left hand side it will tell you if the deal is on.  If at the end of the day the item you purchased does not have enough people participate, your card will not be charged and you are not out anything!

Still think it might not work for the holidays?  Just looking at some of the internet deals over the last week I see chocolates, brownies, peanuts, wine, jewelry, customized mugs and t-shirts, stationary, coffee, tea, movie tickets, fortune cookies and art.  I feel like somewhere in that list is a gift you can use!

So keep your eye out every morning for my post and start taking advantage of these great deals!