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Holiday Website #4: Paperback Swap

My sister and I like to get each other books for holidays.  And we have a rule that used books are perfectly okay.  As long as the books are in good shape it doesn’t matter to us if the pages are a little bent or the spine has a crease in it.  It’s part of being frugal together!

So both of us are big fans of Paperback Swap [1]Paperback Swap [1] does exactly what it’s name suggests- it allows you to swap books with people all over the country.  And although it used to only be paperbacks it now includes hardback books and audio books. 

Here is how it works:

When you sign up for Paperback Swap [1], you are required to list a minimum of 10 books you would be willing to trade (they can be added by ISBN number- it’s very easy to do).  These books are added to your bookshelf and made available to the thousands of members in the U.S.  If someone requests one of your books, you have 5 days to mail it to that member.  The website will tell you the cheapest way to send it- usually when I send a book it costs about $2.00.

Once you add your 10 books, you receive 2 credits.  With these two credits, you can go on and find any books you may like.  If you find something you want to read, you can request it from it’s owner.  They will mail you the book for free and you enjoy!  After you read it you can choose to keep it or add it to your bookshelf for someone else to request.

For every book you send to someone, you get another credit.  And you can take that credit and request another book be sent to you!

So essentially you end up swapping books with people all over the country!  I use this to supplement my book collection if there is something the library does not carry, or if I read a book and decide I would like to have a copy for my personal use.

You can also create a Wish List (if there are certain books you want) and Paperback Swap [1] will notify you when they are available!  That way you don’t have to watch it all the time.

If you are a reader or have someone in your family who is, Paperback Swap [1] is a must for you!