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Baking With Milk Chocolate M&M’s Plus $2.50 Off Coupon #Baking Ideas #shop


Want to impress your friends with your baking skills?  Bake a dessert that will be the highlight of every meal with M&M’s® chocolate candies!   Print out your coupon [1], buy some M&M’s® at Walmart, and pre-heat the oven, because whether you have an office or class party, or just want to treat your family, it’s time to get out the oven mitts and start baking! #BakingIdeas

Here are a couple of ways that I plan on using  M&M’s [1] this holiday season:

Note: Plain or Milk Chocolate M&M’s work best in these two recipes.

1. M&M Pretzel Bites:

Place pretzels on cookie sheet. Top with kisses. Put in 200 degree oven until chocolate just starts to melt. Immediately pull them out and top with holiday plain M&M’s [1]. Can put in fridge to speed up cooling.

MnMs 1 [2]

These are sure to be a big hit at a class or office party! No one has to know how effortless they were!

2. Christmas M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar [3]

cookies in a jar [4]

Either of these two ideas would make GREAT teacher, neighbor or coworker gifts. They are simple, frugal, pretty, and very festive!

Want more ideas? Check out Bright Ideas [5]!