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Healthy Food Can Be Frugal- A KFC Competition

A fellow blogger reminded me today about this recent television commercial [1] from Kentucky Fried Chicken.   Their challenge was that you can not go to the grocery store and buy the same food you would get at KFC for under $10.

The KFC meal comes with 7 pieces of fried chicken, one large side and four biscuits.  I also went on-line and checked KFC’s nutrition information [2].   Here is the nutrition information for this meal:

2 Chicken Breasts- 21 grams of fat each, 1080 mg of sodium

2 Chicken Wings- 13 grams of fat each, 410 mg of sodium

3 Drumsticks- 10 grams of fat each, 360 mg sodium

4 Biscuits- 8 grams of fat each, 530 mg sodium

And then you get to pick a side so I picked the healthiest one:

Green Bean- 0 grams of fat, 260 mg of sodium

TOTAL OF MEAL: 130 grams of fat and almost 6500 mg of sodium all for $10

So I thought I would compare this to one of our local store chains [3] that people in my coupon classes consider expensive.

You can get a whole fryer chicken (uncooked) for $6.45.  This is about 5 pounds of meat- more than you will get from KFC.  If you are lazy like me you can grab a fully cooked Rotisserie Chicken for $6.99.  (Nutritional information for the chicken varies greatly according to size)

You can get Birds Eye Green Beans in the Steamfresh bag for $2.00 (and there are frequently coupons for these items)- 0 fat, 0 sodium in whole bag

And if you want to go with the most buttery biscuits you can get you can grab the Pillsbury Biscuits – Golden Layers (5 ct) biscuits for $1.00- 4.5 grams of fat each, 360 mg sodium

So even if you are like me and you get the already cooked chicken, the veggies that steam in the bag and the biscuits you pop in the oven your total is $9.99.

Hey look at that- the meal is either $10 or $10. 

And even though the nutritional information for the Rotisserie Chicken varies greatly I am willing to bet it’s healthier than the KFC meal.

So when you think you can’t eat frugal and healthy at the same time, remember that a trip to the grocery store can be just as convenient and inexpensive!