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Healthy Eating Alternative: My Salad

Today as I was making my salad for lunch I wondered how much it actually cost.  None of the items except the dressing were purchased using a coupon so these are all prices even non-couponers could take advantage of.

Here was my conclusion:

$.25: Dressing (the whole bottle was about $1.50)

$.18: Cucumber (cucmbers were $.33 each at Farmers Market and I used half of one)

$.75: Spinach (whole bag was $2.39)

$.10: Carrots (1 lb bag on sale for $.99)

$2.00: Chicken (organic, free range from Trader Joes)

$.13: egg (on sale for $1.35 a dozen)

The grand total: $3.41 for my yummy salad.  That is MUCH cheaper than eating out- even off the dollar menu most of the time!