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Have You Heard About Green Monday?

Retailers in this country have a thing about colors.  White Wednesday, Grey Thursday and Black Friday have become a regular part of our deal seeking vocabulary.

Now we have a new one to add: Green Monday.

I figured this holiday out about three years ago- right after I started A Frugal Chick.  There was always this one Monday in December where people seemed to buy more.  I think it might be the resignation that the $150 item you want is not going down to your desired price of $65 and it’s just time to buy.  It’s getting close to the deadline where the free super-slow shipping just isn’t going to cut it.

This year December 10th is what we call Green Monday- and there are going to be GREAT deals.  Those of you guys who have been messaging me about things like scooters, books and trampolines I am hoping for big deals for you on Monday.  I think we should see good prices on toys, books and clothes.  Hoping for electronics too but we shall see.

Rest assured I will be at my computer on Monday watching with bated breath just to find you the best deals around.

So be ready… Green Monday is coming!