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Have You Bought A CD From Amazon Since 1998?

About a year ago I bought this album from Amazon [1].  I actually bought a CD (I know, old school).  When I received the information I posted below I was curious to see if the music would be available for me to listen to online as well without spending any extra money.  I went to THIS LINK [2], clicked on the “launch player” and clicked yes when it asked me to import the music.  There it was!  I have it available to listen to on any machine with internet access and it didn’t cost me an extra penny!

If you have purchased a CD in the last 15 years from Amazon, you might be able to get the MP3 Version of the songs free! Just be sure to check yourAmazon Account [2]

Here is how it works:

MP3 versions of tracks from CDs purchased from Amazon since 1998 and that are eligible for AutoRip will be delivered to your Cloud Player library. For some albums you purchased in the past, we may have added MP3 versions of some but not all of the tracks on the album, depending on track eligibility for AutoRip. The first time you sign in to Cloud Player for Web after the launch of the AutoRip program you will see a message indicating that the MP3 versions of eligible tracks from your past Amazon CD purchases are being placed into your Cloud Player library.

If you are buying new music, complete your purchase of an AutoRip CD to save a free MP3 version of the album to Cloud Player.

After you complete a purchase of an AutoRip CD, a free MP3 version of that album will be added to your Amazon Cloud Player library and will be available on your PC/Mac, Kindle Fire, Android phone, iPhone & iPod Touch, and iPad. Albums eligible for this offer are marked on Amazon.com with an AutoRip logo. If you do not yet have a Cloud Player account, you can activate one for free. Available to US customers only.

Check out the Auto Rip Program [2] and see what you can find!