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Harris Teeter Coupon Policy Changes and Super Double Match Ups

Last night I had the great chance to teach a coupon class (with some great blogger friends) inside a Harris Teeter and learn more about how Harris Teeter operates! 

There have been some recent changes in their coupon policy [1] so I wanted to point them out:

They are now only accepting TWO identical internet printable coupons.  Previously it was three.  They still accept three identical manufacturer’s coupons.

They will now officially accept two coupons when you buy items that are buy one get one free (BOGO).  When an item is BOGO it actually rings up half price.  So you can use a coupon on each of them.

They now will accept competitors manufacturer’s coupons for items.  They also redeem circular or direct-mail coupons for money off of the total order.  They will not accept competitors internet printable coupons.

Super Doubles begin this Wednesday (8/10) morning at 7 a.m.  Any coupon up to $1.98 will be doubled- meaning a $1.50 coupon is worth $3 off your purchase.  They will accept twenty coupons per household per day and the last day of Super Doubles is the 16th.

And if you are looking to maximize your savings here are some coupon match ups:

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