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Groupon Deals of the Day: Facials and Tea

There are lots of great Groupon [1] deals you can do no matter where you live. When you get on the Groupon [1] page, just select the city you need from the drop down box to get your deal!

The deal from Hampton Roads [1] today is for $30, you can choose from one of three facial treatments (a $65 value) at Renaissance Salon & Spa [2]on Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach. Here is the description (because there is no way I could be more creative): “three potential facials await unscrubbed visages: the first offered is a European seaweed facial bathes mugs in a mask of milk and honey, then scrubs them clean with a nutritious seaweed massage before concluding with another mask, leaving skin radiant, with an aquatic glimmer that combats the bummer effect of undersea predators. Or, dry or sun-damaged flesh feels fresher after a renewal facial, which employs the hydroxy acids of weeds from French oceans to exfoliate and rejuvenate worn-out skin (for best results, a course of six treatments is recommended). Finally, an Asian, honey, and cucumber facial, which combines natural honey with a fresh, vitamin C-rich cucumber mask, battles skin cell zombies while promoting healing and reducing dark spots.”

If you are a coffee lover, the deal for Richmond is good today as well. For $12, you get $24 worth of coffee, tea, and more at Rostov’s Coffee & Tea. [3]