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Groupon Deals

I have gotten dozens of e-mails from Frugal Chick readers about Groupon.

I have to be honest- I have never paid much attention to it before. But send me enough e-mails and I start investigating.

Here is how Groupon Works:

Basically, major cities throughout the country (and overseas) have daily Groupon deals. The deals change every day and range from food to spas to hotels. Each deal throughout the week lasts for 24 hours. In order for the deal to go through, a select, predetermined number of people have to purchase the deal. Once the predetermined number of people have purchased the deal, the deal is “on”. Groupon has gotten VERY popular, so most of the deals go through. However, if one doesn’t go through, you will not be charged since you are not charged until the deal is on.

So click here to find Find Today’s Daily Deal for the Best in Hampton Roads! [1] with Groupon. If you haven’t used Groupon before, just click on “Sign In” and you can get a new account set up.

If you aren’t in Hampton Roads, just sign up and then change the town to whatever is nearest to you!

I will try to post the best Groupon Deals I see around the country each day as we learn about Groupon together!