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Graduation Candy Bar Poster (Easy To Make)

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If you know someone graduating from high school it’s always such a challenge to make your gift stand out from the crowd.  In a world of photo albums and gift cards what can you do?

This very simple project can help you look creative!

(Trust me, if I can do it you can do it).

Here is what you need to complete your gift:

1 piece of poster board or foam board
Candy bars (potential list below)
Tape (I just used good quality masking tape but you could use double sided as well)


Start by finding the candy bars.  I started at a cheaper store (Target) and then moved to a gas station to grab the rest.  If your kids help with the project you can have them see if they can create their own wording.

These are the words I used with the candy bars in bold.  You can change it up to work around whatever you can find!

Don’t think that I’m a nerd or snicker at me for making this poster.  I wanted to give you 100 Grand for graduation but it slipped through my Butterfinger.  Be sure to take Extra time and have Mounds of fun this summer since you have Skored a degree.  Whether you are aiming for 5th Avenue or the Milky Way remember I love you to Pieces.

You can either write the letters out the way I did or just print them and tape to the poster board.

Attach a check for whatever the year is (if it’s 2013 a check for $20.13 is always appreciated) and you have the perfect gift!

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