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Glitter Pumpkins For Halloween

Don’t feel like dealing with pumpkin guts?  This is a MUCH easier option (though not really less messy) to decorate your pumpkin!

These would be really cute to use for decorations around the house!

Supplies Needed

Favorite paint colors
Paint Brushes
Water (for rinsing brushes)
Glitter! (I LOVE Glitter)


1- Depending on the weather you may want to head outside.  This can be messy!
2- Paint each section of the pumpkin a different color and then shake the coordinating glitter color on top before it drys!
3- Rinse paint brush and repeat until fully covered
4- Give time to dry

That’s all it takes.  You can use themed colors if you would like (sports teams colors, fall colors, favorite colors).  Whatever you think would be pretty!

A big thank you to my friend Brandy who did this with her kids and took these great pictures!