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Gift Ideas

Still struggling with that perfect gift for someone? Check out some ideas from the bloggers:

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And now my list of the top 5 things to get people for the holidays (these are in no special order and give at your own risk):

1. Popcorn- I love popcorn and most people do. The two places I personally recommend are Jody’s [5] (locally owned and operated in Virginia Beach) and Garretts [6]. (Side note on Garretts- every year members of my family would go to Chicago and promise to bring me back popcorn from Garretts. It never made it back- they always ate it on the plane. Finally a friend went out to visit and brought me back a whole tin, which I refused to share with my family. It is THAT good.)

2. Movie gift certificates- Movies have gotten ridiculously expensive. What was once something I did on a Friday night if there was nothing else going on has now turned into an event. When it’s cheaper to get a pizza and a redbox, something is wrong! So for your friends who love the movies, help ease the pain on their wallets!

3. Ticketmaster gift cards. Did you even know Ticketmaster did this? I didn’t until two Christmases ago when my boss gave me one. The gift card made the pain of paying all of their stupid fees a little bit easier!

4. The gift of information- Can you do something one of your friends can’t do? Play an instrument, upload photos on facebook, juggle? See if there is something you can teach them to do! And maybe they can return the favor?

5. Agree to do nothing. I have several friends that I have always exchanged gifts with. And this year, I just asked them to agree to do nothing. And not one of them argued with me!

So there is my two cents for what it’s worth!