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Fun Kid’s Activity: Soda Bottle Ghost

This great craft is from Sharon at Mom on Dealz [1]!  No way am I this creative!

Soda Bottle Halloween Ghosts

Soda Bottles (2 liter)
Sharp Scissors
White Tissue Paper
Black Construction Paper
Mod Podge

1. Clean and dry a 2 liter soda bottle.
2. Cut the top off with a sharp knife or scissors (obviously the adult does this part).
3. Cover the bottom and part of the sides with Mod Podge. Try to not go past the half-way point because it will make the ghost look less “flowy”.

4. Lay one sheet of white tissue paper on top of the covered bottle.
5. Using the black construction paper, create ghost eyes/mouth and add to your ghost.

And then you have a ghost!  If you want to light it up you can grab those battery operated candles or use some Holiday lights to make it come to life!