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Date Night On A Dime- 10 Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

date night on a dime


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The ideas of dating and being frugal can sometimes seem contradictory- especially when you are at the beginning of a potential new relationship.  If you are trying to impress the other person, you might think being extravagant is the only way to go.  And while a nice dinner out can be a very romantic evening, other options certainly exist to show not only that you care but that you can be creative as well!

Here are some great frugal dates you can go on without breaking the bank:

Pack a Picnic– Dazzle Them With Your Cooking Skills (Or Entertain Them With Your Lack) and be sure to use coupons when you buy the ingredients!

Volunteer Together– Serve Together at a Food Pantry or Animal Shelter.  It’s a great chance to give back to the community and have a good time.

Take a Hike– Check Out Your Local Parks and Trails for Hiking and Bike Riding.  Or enjoy a walk on the beach.

Potluck Meal– Invite Some Friends Over and Have a Potluck Double (Or Triple) Date

Visit Local Sites– For many people the only time they visit nearby historic landmarks is when guests come to town.  Why not check them out on your own?

Pick-A-Little– Head to your local farm and pick some fresh produce.  Once you have picked all the fruit you can carry spend some time in the kitchen making creative recipes.

Learn a New Skill– Always wanted to know how to juggle?  Watch videos on-line and take some time to learn together!

Check Out Colleges– College students aren’t the only people looking for entertainment on a budget!  Check for college sporting events. music recitals, arts presentations and plays.  Generally they will be at discounted rates.

Visit The Zoo– Zoo tickets are generally pretty inexpensive and it can be a great day of hanging out with the animals.  Some zoos also have special events at a discount where you might see a family friendly movie!

Wine Anyone?– Many breweries and vineyards will have free tours and wine tastings.  You might even find a vintage you like for a later date where the budget is a bit more!