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Frugal Fun Kids’ Activity

Sharon over at Mom on Dealz [1] does a great post every week with a Frugal Fun activity for kids!  The activity this week is using Beach Balls for learning fun!

“Anyone know a child that does not like to discuss the books they read? Or do you know a child who is having trouble with numbers or colors? Then these activities are for you! Not only are they learning games, they also involve physical activity AND they are frugal!

Materials Needed:
1 Beach Ball (check the dollar store) 

1. Label each color of the ball with a different story element (title, setting, characters, problem, solution, etc).
2. Read a book with your child (make sure the story has the elements- some preschool books do not).
3. Play a game of catch! When your child catches the ball, have them look at the words their hands are touching when they catch. Then have them choose which element of the book they want to tell you.

For example: They catch the ball and their hands are touching title and setting. They can choose either to tell you the title or the setting of the book, or both!


For Math: Label the ball all over with numbers. Your child can add, subtract, or multiply whatever numbers their hand lands on. In the case of my 2 year old, he is working on number recognition so he just tells me the numbers he “catches”.

For Color recognition: Simply have your child tell you the colors the “catch”. You could also label the colors for them to recognize the color names as well.

For Science: Label the ball with the steps of the scientific method. When your child catches the ball, whatever step they “catch” have them explain what it means. Example: They “catch” hypothesis so they should tell you that a hypothesis means a guess.”