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Frugal Fridays

Got some great personal finance articles this week:

I have been at my current job almost 4 years. I love it- but get antsy sometimes to try something new (ADD anyone?). Here [1] is a great article on how to deal with the burn out!

As I get older I am becoming more of a minimalist. Here [2] is a great article on some small steps you can take with your kids to teach them that “stuff” isn’t everything.

Trying to cut back on bills but not sure how to negotiate? Here [3] is an actual transcript from a guy who got his Comcast bill cut back by 33%, just by calling and asking.

Want to try living without cable? Here [4] is a great article from someone who does!

Ready to get rid of the credit cards in 2010? Here [5] is some great advice on “how to”!

Got a Starbucks Addiction? You aren’t alone. [6]

15 Uses for White Vinegar [7] – this is a BIG money saver!