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Frugal Friday (On Wednesday)

I am going to take the next two days off from blogging to spend time with friends and family (and catch up on some reading) so I wanted to give you my articles of the week.

Ever thought about RENTING your Christmas tree [1]? Turns out in some places, you can!

Trying to save money? Trent at The Simple Dollar points out that it’s much easier to do when you have a goal in mind. [2]

Want to start saving money but not sure how to do it? J.D. at Get Rich Slowly outlines what he did to pay off his debt and live more secure. [3]

Check out this article [4] from Christian Personal Finance. It’s about what to expect from your credit card in 2010. My suggestion- try as hard as you can to get them paid off, new legislation is going to make having credit card debt even worse than before.