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FREE My Job Chart For Families (Receiving Rave Reviews)

I don’t need a chore chart in my house (since I do all my own chores) but word is spreading around about MyJobChart.com [1] through my blogging friends.

Here is what one of them said:

“We are using it here, we just got started yesterday and we are actually having a family meeting tonight to lay it all out for the kids. I already added the kids in, complete with their pictures and set up the jobs and rewards sections.  It took me about 10 minutes to get the kids set up and jobs assigned. It is super easy and they have a bunch already ready to go. I was able to add specific jobs for our home in for the kids as well. You can choose AM or PM, and which days of the week, and even a one time job.  

Once you have their jobs assigned, you can check each child out and see the jobs and assign a value for each one. They already have all theirs assigned a value, you can change it of course or leave it.

Then the kids can get on and check the box when they are done with the job. You can choose to have a text message or email alert when this happens if you want.

You can also PRINT the job chart and hang it somewhere if you don’t want them on the computer.”

Once everything is all set up you can log in from anywhere and see how they are doing.  They also can save up points to turn in for things- which I think could also lead to great lessons on savings and stewardship!

Oh and did I mention it’s completely FREE!

Click HERE [1] to check it out!