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Free Book Download: The Battered Heiress Blues

Right now on Amazon you can download The Battered Heiress Blues [1] for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.

When the life of her child is threatened, philanthropist Julia Spencer is faced with a most difficult decision- do nothing, thereby saving herself or forge ahead and lose everything she holds dear. While one child is spared, another is lost forever.

Surviving a brutal assault in a small and desolate Peruvian town, Julia wakes to find that her unborn child has perished in a desperate, violent attack. Returning to the safety of her family’s Savannah estate, she prepares to bury her tragically murdered son. Forced to confront the choices that led to her son’s death, she is bombarded with resolving the details of her poorly conceived marriage, estrangement from a powerful and disapproving patriarch, and navigating the sudden renewal of a long forgotten flame- Henry Walker. Unable to find her way out of the grief and sorrow, those who profess love eventually leave one by one, but not before a precious gift is left behind that will change everything.

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