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Free Book Download: Stories from a Teacher

This book sounds interesting- especially for my readers who are teachers!

Right now you can download Stories from a Teacher [1] for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.

In 2008, Jonathan Flores surprised his students as one of the youngest, most energetic teachers they’d ever seen. After only four years, Mr. Flores turned in his resignation, and his students showed up to find out why. But instead of describing a single moment that made him quit, he told them his stories – each one, an insane memory from his teaching career.

While he describes how he fell in love with the job, he also describes the harder realities that followed. As the world demands ‘superhero’ teachers, Flores shares experiences (from hilarious to heartbreaking) to reveal that teachers aren’t invincible. Each memory offers deeper insight into the teaching life, and the obstacles teachers face from day to day.

The book is composed of linked short stories will resonate with young teachers, as well as high-school students.

Remember to double check the price before you buy- Amazon prices can change quickly!