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Finding Froggy

If you have spent any time with me you are aware of my complete love for my nephew P.  He is easily the funnest part of my life.

A very important part of P’s life is his friend Froggy (whose picture I have placed above).  Froggy is his bedtime buddy.  During the day he remains in P’s room waiting to help him at nap time and bed time to sleep well.

As all of you who are parents can imagine not having Froggy at home when it’s time for bed is a pretty traumatic experience.   There is wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Not to mention the tears outside of the washing machine as his little body goes round and round in the water when he needs a freshening up.  My nephew is convinced he is drowning slowly in front of his eyes.

Today we want to a local neighborhood that was having a community yard sale.  It was fun to walk from house to house looking for potential treasures.

As we walk up to one house P yells “Froggy!” and points to a pile of stuffed animals.  Lying on top of the pile in all of his green silky glory is Froggy’s identical twin brother.

My sister has been checking regularly at stores for a while now for a back up Froggy with no luck.  How much easier would it be to have a back up Froggy in the event he was left somewhere?

So my sister gladly coughed up the spare change to buy the back up Froggy.  Money well spent and my nephew proudly placed him in the stroller to be taken home and washed.

The moral of the story- you never know what (or who) you will find at a yard sale!  Be sure to keep an eye out for treasures- you may find an old friend.