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Farmers Market Trip 7/21

This Saturday I had the luxury of being able to head to the Farmers Market and browse a bit!

I am lucky that my city has a Farmer’s Market only 5 minutes from my house.

Last weekend my mom went and got the most amazing ice box watermelon I have ever tasted so I wanted to grab one this week.

And the produce from the Farmer’s Market is usually fresher so it doesn’t go bad as quickly as the stuff from the grocery store (which you have to consider when you are cooking for one person).

This morning I took some pictures of the great produce and the prices so you see what’s usually available!  This trip in addition to what I show they had butter beans, tomatoes, egg plant, plums, peaches and SO much more!


Seeded Watermelon $7- They were HUGE

There is usually a good turn out when I am there.  This is one of the typical stands with produce on it.


This is the one I go to but you probably have one near you too!


There is usually a wide variety to pick from – although remember it has to be the right season for the stuff you want!


The ice box melons- I bought one!

The very top picture shows you what I bought today:
2 cucumbers $1 for both
1 green pepper $.50
2 ears of corn $.50 for both (I split this with my mom though- if I just bought two it would have been $.66)
1 ice box melon $3

So I spent $6 this morning.  The market is also on Wednesday mornings so if the watermelon is REALLY good I may be making a trip back!