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Farm Fresh: Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream

I have to admit when Farm Fresh asked me to review their Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream [1] in the middle of December I wasn’t all that excited.  Couldn’t I check out some hot chocolate?  Or oatmeal maybe?

However we have had some REALLY nice weather so I sucked it up and forced myself to eat ice cream for the good of all my readers.

I grabbed two flavors at my local Farm Fresh Supermarket- Red Velvet and Chocolate Truffle.

Stone Ridge Creamery 2 [2]

Now I want to take a moment to let you in on a secret- Red Velvet items and I have a VERY close relationship.  I have a severe addiction to cream cheese icing that requires a great deal of restraint on my part.  When I saw the Red Velvet ice cream had chunks of cream cheese icing in it I was easily convinced to try it out.

It was GOOD.  Usually I have found when ice cream puts in yummy toppings they tend to skimp on the actual ice cream part.  The ice cream itself was rich and creamy and the toppings were just as good.

The chocolate truffle was good too but I just kept going back to the Red Velvet.

And the great part is- this week (12/26 – 1/01) the Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream is on sale at Farm Fresh for $3.00.

So if you are one of those people who thinks ice cream should be eaten all year long check out the Stoneridge Creamery Ice Cream!