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Extreme Couponing on TLC

The couponing world has been going full speed since “Extreme Couponing” came on TLC.  It has just been picked up for another 12 episodes so I wanted to address it on the blog.

The number one question I keep getting asked “Can you teach me to do that?”  Sure if there was a store anywhere in your area that would let you do it.  Coupons work the same if you buy one of an item or 1,000!  Couponing takes some time and there is some learning involved but it is not that complicated.  If you can use a calculator and read a blog, you can save money with coupons!

Just as I was in the middle of formulating what I was going to write another blogger wrote pretty much what I would have said. 

So I am just going to let her say it.  I had the privilege of getting to hang out with her some in Chicago, so I know her heart and that what she says here she really means.

So if you want my opinion on Extreme Couponing, check it out here [1]!