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Eversave: Portable, Expandable Vases

You know how some products in life you can’t decide if they are genius or kind of crazy?  Today’s Eversave [1] deal is that way. 

I told you I would only post Eversave [1]deals if they are good, but I just can’t help posting this one to get your reaction.

Today you can get $25 worth of portable, expandable and oh-so-giftable vases from VazuUsa.com for $12.  Basically it’s a vase that collapses (sort of like how you can fold up a paper bag).  Their sales pitch is that you can travel with it and set up at your convenience.  They also have a video on their site [1]that you can watch to see how it works. 

I do like the patterns and think they are pretty but I don’t have flowers around much, so I am not an authority in this area.

So what do you think, would you use it?