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“Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Video Game Sale

A good friend of mine married a gamer so I always ask her to let me know which games he wants, as there is a chance that some of you may be married to a gamer as well. 

He has mentioned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [1] as one of his desired games so I wanted to point out the pre-order deal they have on Amazon right now (the game comes out on 11/11).   The price on both Amazon.com is $59.99.  (And, of course, the price on Walmart.com is the same.  If you missed my post check it out [2].)

This version of the game also comes with a Premium Physical Map AND a $10 Amazon.com credit to be used on almost anything sold by Amazon.   Plus the game will be in your mailbox the day it comes out.

This game is rated M for Mature so it is not for your little ones (however Mario Kart 7 [3] comes out in a few weeks too and THAT looks like kid friendly fun.)

So if video games aren’t your thing you can move on but for those of you who have to work it into your budget (you know who you are) here is a chance to save!