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Eating Healthy On A Budget: Water

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Juice and soda can be expensive both in the cost of your groceries and the cost on your physical body.  (I am a BIG fan of juice but not of drinking calories.)  So I need to find an alternative when I am thirsty!

May answer is water.  It can be very inexpensive and has many health benefits [2].

I know this seems really basic but it’s an area I struggle in.  Sometimes I will get through a day and realize the only water I had was at the gym.  That’s NOT good.

So now I am trying to drink more water.  And keep an eye on ways to have inexpensive quality water!

I have a Brita pitcher in my house.  It has saved me thousands of dollars in bottled water since I am not crazy about my tap water.  I also keep a few extras of the Brita filters (that’s an item I stockpile) so that I am never paying full price.  My Brita pitcher is about 8 years old and still works great.

And, of course, there are coupons for many water purification companies:

$2/1 Brita Filter Product printable [3]
$5/1 Brita Water Pitcher printable [4]
$4/1 Select Brita Systems, exp. 6/26 (SS 04/17/11)
$1/1 Brita Multipack Filters, exp. 6/26/11 (SS 04/17/11)
$1/1 Brita Bottle, exp. 6/26/11 (SS 04/17/11)
$4/1 PUR Faucet System @Target, exp. 8/15/11 (RP 06/12/11 R)
$2/1 PUR Replacement Filters @Target, exp. 8/15/11 (RP 06/12/11 R)
$3/1 PUR or PUR Flavor Options System, exp. 7/31/11 (P&G 06/05/11)
$4/1 Pur Faucet Water Filter System @Target, exp. 6/15/11 (RP 04/17/11)
$2/2 Pur Replacement Filters @Target, exp. 6/15/11 (RP 04/17/11)
$2/1 PUR Replacement Filter @Target, exp. 6/15/11 (SS 04/17/11 #2)
$4/1 PUR Faucet Water Filter System, exp. 6/15/11 (SS 04/17/11 #2)

You can also snag some of these items on Amazon.  These are the ones I use:

Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher [5] $9.99 (FREE shipping)

Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter [6] (3 pack) $20.10

Whether you get purified water or drink from the tap, increasing the water consumption of yourself and your family can have a positive affect both on your body and your wallet!

Thanks to CrossFit Chesapeake [7] for their contributions to the “Eating Healthy On A Budget” series!