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Easy Easter Chick Craft for Kids

Easy Easter Chick Craft for Kids
finished product


My kids love making crafts. With Easter coming up and the weather not fit to be outside I pulled out the craft box to make this adorable Easter egg chick. Since my kiddos are only 4 and 2 I kept it simple, but you could definitely tweak this to fit your kiddos age.

Supplies Needed:

materials needed [2]

If you do not have yellow paper use white and let your kiddos color it. To keep the cost of kid crafts down I try to use what I have around the house and let the kids be creative.


1. Cut the yellow piece of paper into a large oval shape.

2. Cut a medium size triangle for the beak and 2 long strips for legs out of orange paper.

beak,legs, and body [3]

3. Trace kids hands onto the printed piece of paper and cut out for the wings.

4. If hat or bow is desired, use leftover paper to cut one out.

5. Fold the 2 orange strips accordion style. Glue to the bottom of the egg for legs.

5. Glue beak and eyes on in the middle of chick.

6. Glue hands onto the chick. One hand on each side.

7. If desired, glue hat or a bow to the top of the egg.

8. Let dry and then hang where desired.

finished product [4]

I think the kiddos did a great job on these. It was quick and simple which allowed our craft time to go smoothly!

So go gather your supplies and have fun!