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Did You Lose Me On Facebook?

I try not to complain about facebook too often because they are offering their services for free and they are my number one referral source for my website. But I will tell you- timeline has taken some real getting used to.

One of the side effects of timeline is that I have had many readers e-mail and tell me they can’t find my anymore in their news feed (the big list on your main page).

After asking around one of my fellow bloggers was nice enough to show me how to make sure I get everything I want in my news feed and it’s SUPER easy!

All you have to do is head to A Frugal Chick’s Facebook Page [1]. If you haven’t “liked” me already go ahead and do that.


Once you have just hover over the “Like” button and a menu will appear.

Select “Show in News Feed” (there should be a check mark in front of it).

That’s it!

This will guarantee that the posts I do on facebook end up in your news feed!

Thanks to Savings Lifestyle [3] for the pic and information!