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Did Groupon Mess Up?

So did anybody NOT see the Groupon ads during the Superbowl coverage yesterday?  Timothy Hutton is one of my favorite actors so I was excited to see him on the air, but still haven’t decided what I think about the actual ads that they ran.  Their purpose was to try to mock a stereotypical “celebrity raising money for a cause ad”, but for some people on-line they found the ads pretty offensive.

Regardless of your stance, Groupon (in anticipation of a negative response perhaps?) has now given every user the opportunity to donate to the causes mentioned last night:

•  Donate $15 to Greenpeace and you’ll get $15 in Groupon credit (First 6,667 only). Your “free donation” will help end commercial whaling.
•  Help The Tibet Fund develop a youth-employment-and-economic-development initiative in refugee exile communities.
•  Donate $15 to RAN and a matching grant will double your money, which you can direct towards protecting the rainforest, endangered tigers, and more.
•  Help buildOn construct four new schools in some of the world’s poorest villages.

Just click here [1] and check the bottom right hand corner of your screen for one of these causes (they tend to vary by city).  I am trying to find direct links but haven’t been able to yet.  As soon as I can, I will get them set.