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De-Stress Yourself Week #1: Click On Unsubscribe

Welcome to Week 1 of my “De-Stress Yourself” series!  Each week I will give you a simple step you can take to help destress yourself.

This week is one activity I will absolutely be doing myself.  Every day I get dozens of e-mails from companies that at some point I cared about but no longer do.  For example right now I am on e-mail lists for most stores that carried the Leap Pad during the holidays.  Now that the New Year has started I really don’t care about being notified if they are in stock.  So every day I just delete their e-mail along with all the others I don’t use.

This means when I open my inbox every morning there are 35 e-mails to go through and TWO of them are messages I actually need.

This week I will be opening all those e-mails.  On the bottom of most is going to be a blue link that says “unsubscribe.”  By taking two seconds to click on those links I will eliminate a huge quantity of the junk mail I receive every day.

By not having to sort through those messages every day I will get rid of one thing that annoys me so much!

So my task for this week is unsubscribing to everything I no longer want or need.  It should only take a few minutes but it will make a big difference!