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De-Stress Yourself Week #8- Leave No Trace

Welcome to A Frugal Chick’s 2012 series on “De-Stress Yourself [1].”  If you need to catch up on the past 7 weeks take a moment and click here [1]!

As I was doing research online for this series I found this tip and thought it was really interesting.  I am not sure how much of a de-stressing activity it is but I am willing to try and see if it helps!

Your assignment for week # 8 is “Leave No Trace.” Pick one room in your home (or office) and try leaving no trace that you’ve used that space (the bathroom and kitchen come immediately to mind).  I am always so happy when the bathroom counter and sink are clean what if I could keep it that way for a whole week!

If you’ve been doing something in that room, cooking a meal or taking a shower, clean up so that you leave no signs that you’ve been there!

What do you think?  Is this doable?