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Coupons Are All Around

Coupons are all around.  They are staring at you everywhere you go- from the back of the phone book to the top of your pizza box.  Little pieces of paper with bar codes and fine print that promise discounts are in your newspaper and junk mail.  Glossy pictures promise bargains on everything from toothpaste to wide screen televisions with special discounts.

And yet the most common complaint I hear from people is that no good coupons exist.   With coupons everywhere how is this possible?

Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where to look.  If a manufacturer chooses not to put coupons in the paper where they are easily accessible here are some other places to look:

Contact the company.  Most companies love to mail coupons.  Call them and tell them you love their product- they will happily mail you coupons so you continue to buy their product.  Call them and tell them you hate their product- they will happily mail you coupons so you continue to buy their product.  Just like everything else in life you never know what you can get until you ask!

Check your local store.  Inside your favorite grocery store are usually at least two types of coupons.  “Tearpads” are stuck on the edge of a shelf and you can tear off the coupons you need.  Sort of like a post-it-note of savings.  “Blinkies” can be removed from those machines with the blinking red light that catch your eye as you walk down the aisle.  Please remember that even though there are 50 coupons available they are not at all meant for you.  Be kind to your fellow shoppers.

All You Magazine [1].  This magazine is full of money saving ideas, inexpensive decorating tips for all occasions, and great coupons.  A year subscription is available online for around $20 or you can pick up the latest issue at Walmart (the only store you can purchase it off the shelf) for $2.49.  It is guaranteed to have over $50 in coupons inside.

Check the company’s Facebook page.  Companies are willing to pay for your “like” on Facebook in the form of a coupon.  When new products are released they want to create a strong presence on Facebook so they will make a high value coupon available.  If you don’t want their updates in your news feed just use the “unlike” button after you print the coupon.

Just because a coupon does not show up in the newspaper does not mean it is not available! Often there is just a little extra work involved to find that valued savings.