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Coupon Organizers

People ask me all the time what the best way is to organize coupons. The answer is “whatever way works for you.” Depending on how many coupons you plan on keeping and how you shop, one method may work better for you than another.

Most people start with some kind of small envelope with dividers.   Some people just grab some actual envelopes and label them, while others get a small accordion like file and divide them up that way. This is a great way to start so you can see if you like that sense of organization. Here is a great example on Amazon: Coupon Organizer and Holder – Clear -13 Pockets [1]. Like I said before, these are pretty easy to find at a local Target or Wal-Mart.

I personally started with a recipe box and some index cards (I actually still use this method). I don’t recommend this if you are planning on carrying your coupons in a purse (unless you have a big purse). I just keep my box in the car and set it in the cart with me at the grocery store. Amazon has a cute green one A&W Products Card File Box, Assorted Colors (38101) [2], mine is plain brown.

If you outgrow the box or the envelopes, you may graduate to something as large as a photo album or a three ring binder. You can use special pages with slits designed purely for coupons or you can grab some baseball card dividers. I grabbed a picture of a great one on-line and you can see it to your left.

Whatever method you decide to use, just make sure you use what is best for you. Whether you take baby steps or jump in feet first, couponing is a great way to save money!