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Coupon Class Available Dates- Plus New Host Discount

I have had lots of people e-mail asking about coupon class dates and I have a few for July that I can book now as well as two remaining in June.

We are looking for people to HOST classes for us.  

The requirements for a class are pretty simple. We don’t ask much- just that there be atleast four people in attendance who are eager to learn. We will do everything else! We would love to come talk to groups of friends, small groups, classes of students, or any other group of people who would be interested.

The remaining date available in June is the 29th.   In July (there will be more dates eventually) the current available dates are the 1st, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 25th.

I would absolutely LOVE to have some organizations that would be willing to host classes and open them to the public.  Usually that works very well at churches but it could be a gym, a social club or a library.   There are many people who want to attend classes but do not have the room or three additional people in their life who care to learn to coupon.  If your group would be interested in hosting please e-mail me and we can work on ensuring a date that will work for both of us.

Additionally we have decided to give a new discount for coupon class!  The cost is $10 per person.  However if there are 8 attendees (meaning there are 7 people PLUS the host) than the host gets to take the class for FREE (or can pass that savings onto the person of their choosing)!  This applies to every class beginning tonight, even those of you who have already booked classes. 

So get your friends together for a great time learning about couponing!