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How To Freeze Corn on the Cob Whole (And Then Cook It)

How To Freeze Corn on the Cob Whole


How To Freeze Corn on the Cob Whole

I love corn on the cob.  And since it’s only in season about two months a year I miss it those other 10 months.

In an effort to prolong my corn on the cob eating I have been experimenting with the easiest way to freeze and cook corn on the cob.

I feel I have finally mastered this skill and can share with you.

How To Freeze Corn on the Cob:

1.  Wherever you buy your corn on the cob be sure to get it still in the husk.  It adds extra protection in the freezer.


2.  Once you are at home cut off the “tail” of the corn and make the top of the husk neat.


3.  Wrap the corn in saran wrap and throw in the freezer!

Once you are ready to cook here is what you do:

1.  Take the corn out of the freezer and remove the saran wrap.


2.  Wrap the corn (husk and all) in a damp paper towel and place on a microwave safe plate.

3.  Microwave for three to five minutes (I do four minutes).


4.  When you take it out the husks will just peel right off!

Add whatever you like to the corn (I tend to just eat it plain but most like atleast salt, pepper and butter) and enjoy!

This way you can have good corn on the cob all year long!