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Commissary Coupon Changes Stops Buying In Bulk And Coupon Abuse

Have you seen the changes to the Commissary Coupon Policy?  I want to be clear- THIS is what happens when people abuse the system.  I know some of you will see it as working the system but it’s such a shame that the Commissary even had to come up with these rules or have suffered the losses from it.

Wednesday on Facebook the Defense Commissary Agency posted new guidelines aimed at preventing abuse of the system through bulk buying and coupon redemption.

Customers will no longer be able to make special orders for “unreasonable quantities” of items (orders exceeding three cases or 36 units), or make frequent or multiple special orders.

This is a result of shoppers who have been buying items to resell them or to return them to the store for cash refunds.

Commissaries will also no longer allow returns of “unreasonable quantities.”  Customers also will no longer be allowed to split their shopping into multiple transactions for orders with coupon “overage.”

Under an earlier policy that DeCA instituted in May 2012 to address “extreme couponing,” stores no longer issue cash refunds for more than $25. Overages of $25 or more are refunded in commissary gift cards.

This newly tightened regulation means that customers will no longer be able to split their transactions in an effort to get more cash back. And customers won’t be able to make money on the system by ordering items that match their stash of multiple coupons, getting cash refunds because of coupon overages, and then later returning the large quantities of items.