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Coach Factory Sale- Up to 70% Off!

Let me be clear- I don’t own a Coach purse.  Purses for me fall into the same category as sunglasses- I don’t treat either well enough to justify buying a nice one.

But I know lots of YOU like them and would jump at a great deal- say up to 70% off?

And the Coach Factory online (this is an actual Coach site- not a company who bought Coach purses) is having an up 70% off sale right now!

This is an online only invite sale.

The good news is that I can send you an invite.  The bad news is you won’t get it in time to shop the sale today.  But if you want to take advantage of one of the future sales, then make sure to grab your invite today so you will be ready the next time they run a sale.  They seem to have new sales a couple times a month.

So, if you aren’t a Coach Factory Online member fill out this form [1] so I can send you a personal invite to the Coach Factory Store online (this way your e-mail address is secure). At Coach Factory online you get free shipping at $150 (but it only shows as $10 to ship a purse when I test it!) and they already have low clearance prices!

If you have EVER received an invitation for this before from anyone it will not let me send you another one.  I am entering all of these manually and lots are being bounced back.  Please be sure it’s a new e-mail address.

Invites have been taking up to 24 hours to arrive after submission so if you are interested in shopping tomorrow please give me your e-mail as soon as possible.

I promise you (as tempting as it will be to add you to A Frugal Chick’s e-mail list) I will use your address for nothing but this.