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Check Your Cell Phone!!

It’s the first of the month so your cell phone bill is probably due in the next ten days or so. When was the last time you sat down and looked at it?

Friday night I had dinner with a good girlfriend I haven’t seen since I started this website. She mentioned that her one cell phone cost as much as her sister AND brother-in-laws combined. Since we were by the mall we ran inside to the store that services her phone and had a chat with the customer service rep. By the time we left, about ten minutes later, her cell phone bill had been cut in half with no change to her service or normal usage.

So I wanted to make a list of the things we checked, so you can check too!

1. How many minutes do you actually use? When my friend’s cell phone was set up, the representative gave her unlimited minutes- the most expensive program. By checking her usage history, the new representative was able to figure out a plan that would allow her to continue talking exactly like she does now, but cost drastically less.

2. How many text messages do you send? Just like her minutes, my friend had been “given” unlimited texting by her representative. She was able to switch to a smaller, cheaper plan and keep texting the same.

3. How much are you paying for internet access? The company my friend has her cell phone with has two identical internet plans. On one (the more expensive of the two) the customer service rep receives commission and on the other they don’t. Guess which one my friend had? Yep, so she switched to the less expensive one.

4. What do you do for a living? My friend is a teacher. And on her carrier, teachers get a 15% discount on their cell phone plans if they provide proof of employment. (I also get a discount on my cell phone for being a student.)

So 4 simple steps and we saved her 50% on her cell phone every month. In her case it will be over $700 a year.

So before you pay your bill this month, take a look at it. Or next time you are in the mall, just drop into the store and ask someone to review your account. You may be surprised how much you can save!